Tropical Forest Management

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Journal Manajemen Hutan Tropika is a periodic scientific articles and conceptual thinking of tropical forest management covering all aspects of forest planning, forest policy, forest resources utilization, forest ergonomics, forest ecology, forest...

Forest Products

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The Journal was manage by Departemen Hasil Hutan, presents of Science, Technology, and Technical of wood, wood composite, pulp and paper, and also forest product besids wood, aswell concern to environmental issues, and policy on forest product...

Forest Conservation

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Media Konservasi is a scientific journal in the field of conservation of biological natural resources and environment which presents articles of research and literature review. The journal published by Department of Conservation of Forest Resources & Ecotourism...

Tropical Silviculture

Journal Tropical Silviculture

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Forestry Information Center

Gedung Tanoto Forestry Information Center (TFIC) berlokasi di Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) diresmikan, Senin (21/12/2015). Sukanto Tanoto, pendiri Tanoto Foundation, mengatakan berdirinya TFIC tersebut sebagai wujud dukungan terhadap upaya pengembangan ilmu kehutanan Indonesia.

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