Beer Flow Threatened By Warming Climate



Beer will be in short supply and double in price because of the difficulty of growing one of its key ingredients, barley, in a warming world. Recurrent droughts and increased heat will cause severe reductions in barley yields across the world, forcing a “dramatic” fall in beer consumption, according to a study by the UK’s University of East Anglia (UEA). Since beer is the world’s most popular drink by volume, this will have significant social,-

EcoBusiness – 17 Oktober 2018

As Climate Change Takes Its Toll, World Leaders Call For Adaptation


Leaders from 17 countries, including China and India, have joined a new initiative aimed at helping vulnerable nations deal with the fallout from climate change. The Global Commission on Adaptation, launched at The Hague on Oct. 16, is led by Ban Ki-moon, the former United Nations secretary-general; Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates; and Kristalina Georgieva, chief executive of the World Bank. The commission is looking beyond measures to rein in global warming,-

EcoBusiness – 17 Oktober 2018

Staying Safe From Climate Risks Makes Financial Sense, Says New Commission


From irrigating crops with less water to revising building codes to help new infrastructure weather floods and storms, the world needs to invest more in preparing for the accelerating impacts of climate change, experts said on Tuesday. Adjusting to a warmer world will require strong political leadership, new sources of funding and a push to expand what works—but it will end up saving cash, top officials said as they launched a Global Commission on Adaptation in The Hague.

EcoBusiness – 17 Oktober 2018

Can Social Media Save Great Apes?




An orphaned baby chimpanzee rests his head on his rescuer’s arm as he takes in the scenery during a special flight destined for a sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The pilot, Anthony Caere, cradles Mussa and gives him a soft kiss on the head. Although Mussa was recently ripped from his mother’s arms, he appears comfortable with Caere, and even plays with a few of the aircraft’s knobs and switches during the flight.

NewsMongabay – 16 Oktober 2018

Is S&P Dow Jones Greenwashing Conflict Palm Oil? (Commentary)




Last month, S&P Dow Jones Indices, one of the world’s leading financial market index providers, released its annual listing of sustainable companies. The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) considers its yearly process to be the “gold standard for corporate sustainability.” However, despite touting an increasingly robust methodology, the decision to retain palm oil company Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) on the 2018,-

NewsMongabay – 16 Oktober 2018

Expansion Of Oil Palm Plantations Into Forests Appears To Be Changing Local Diets In Indonesia


When Rosalina Heni is not working in the rice paddy fields in Ribang Kadeng village in the Indonesian province of West Kalimantan, she gathers vegetables in the surrounding forest for her family to eat. By contrast, in nearby Sekadu Village, local resident Maria Ludiana can no longer collect enough ferns, bamboo shoots and other vegetables to feed her family because an oil palm plantation supplanted the natural growth forest.

CIFOR – 16 Oktober 2018


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Restorasi Lahan Gambut

Pemerintah sudah menetapkan rencana merestorasi 600.000 hektar lahan gambut di empat kabupaten sepanjang 2016, namun pengamat meragukan kemampuan pemerintah mewujudkannya.

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Wetlands International

Kami berkomitmen untuk menyelamatkan lahan gambut Indonesia karena lahan tersebut menyimpan karbon dalam jumlah yang sangat besar dan merupakan rumah bagi banyak spesies yang terancam punah.

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