Forestry Information Center

Pusat Informasi Kehutanan (PInK) Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University (Forestry Information Center, ForInC) constructed based on on the notion that in an age of globalization and digitalisasi demanding mastery information quickly and accurately thus , of the investigation , collection , data processing and information and data analysis and information becomes better information and desiminasi quickly into a needs.

Given the role of important ecosystem woods and forestry and the data and information relating to management on forest resources that requires better management , the faculty forestry was important and necessary to establish information center forestry ( forestry information center , forinc ).

In an effort to create information center forestry , leaders the faculty forestry IPB together with top IPB who handles cooperation and program international in 2009 establish cooperation with various parties to build the information forestry .

One interested parties as to help build education facilities the faculty forestry ipb is the foundation bhakti tanoto ( YBT ) .Through a long process , in 2011 the faculty forestry IPB had YBT to develop education facilities the faculty forestry IPB .

By covenant cooperation between ybt with ipb number: TF.JKT /SSI /Agreement / 2012 /XIi / 112 and no. 36 / IT3 / KsP / 2012 about fund aid for development building information center forestry the faculty forestry , YBT agreed give grant funds for construction of buildings 3 the floor , covering an area of 1500 m .Besides YBT and IPB have agreed to conduct research along with the deferent forestry indonesia and forest ecosystem peat in Riau .

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Building named Tanoto Forestry Information Center being one resources necessary to support the formation of information center forestry, the Faculty of Forestry - Bogor Agricultural University, Dramaga Bogor.

Information center the faculty of forestry IPB directed to accomplish a purpose , target as follows :

The Purpose :

The formation of central scientific information forestry are reliable and trusted to prop development forestry.

Target :

1. Strategic research is discipline can be developed through network between experts and between agencies sustainably.

2. Central seed scientific information can be manifested by the year 2020.

3.Scientific information services forestry be utilized by the parties in of policy determination , decision-making management and development ipteks forestry in the end of 2025.

4. To the center of organization kemahasiswaan at the forestry realized, who being able to support learning students sustainably.

Scope :

1. The arrangement institutional information center forestry: develop management system , manage and build learning organization , develop human resources organization ,digging and managing the source of funding / finances , building and managing sarana-prasarana , developing and managing partnership and scientific forestry infromasi network.

2. Scientific information system management forestry , either on a level landscapes of land , ecosystem , species , and genetic , to serve the needs of information the parties and / or the results of the analysis at various levels , good of policy determination , decision-making at the management , or developed ipteks forestry.

3. Development and the implementation of research strategic is cross discipline through network between experts and between agencies sustainably to answer the various problems actual forestry.

4. Manage building TFIC as part of information center forestry , the faculty forestry IPB.

5. Manage to the center of organization kemahasiswaan at the forestry to prop learning students sustainably.

6. Develop the scheme the public - particles in processing strategic research and management of scientific information on forestry.


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