Jew, Jati Diri Masyarakat Asmat yang Sesungguhnya


Sesaat setelah mendarat di bandara perintis Ewer, kami bergegas meninggalkan pesawat berbaling-baling tunggal Cessna 208B yang membawa kami dari Timika menuju area terminal kedatangan. Sebuah bangunan kecil, tidak terawat yang lebih menyerupai kantor kas bank plat merah di pedalaman. Namun tentu saja Ewer sendiri merupakan pedalaman bagi sebagian besar warga kota besar di Indonesia. Banyak dari kita yang mungkin baru sekali ini mendengar ada sebuah distrik bernama Ewer.

NationalGeographicIndonesia – 14 Januari 2019

Bolsonaro Acts; Brazil’s Socio-Environmental Groups Resist


Turu Arara, an indigenous man who lives in the reserve, said that soon indigenous patience will run out: “For the moment we are waiting to see what action the authorities will take, but, if they do nothing, we shall have to see what we can do.” Cacique Léo Xipaia was more explicit in his warning: “We are about 600 Indians, living in the indigenous territories of Arara and Cachoeira Seca [a neighboring reserve], and we will blockade the road [the Transamazon Highway] if the government doesn’t act.”

NewsMongabay – 14 Januari 2019

Do You Have A Solution To The Biggest Challenge In Human History?


It is the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced: how can we reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere to avoid the most catastrophic effects of global warming? According to a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we have just over a decade to do so. Citing this report, Professor Michael Maniates, the head of environmental studies at Yale-NUS College told a 100-strong audience in Singapore on Thursday: “We are approaching the carbon cliff.”

EcoBusiness – 14 Januari 2019

Antarctica Now Shedding Ice Six Times Faster Than In 1979



Antarctica is losing ice at a rate that’s about six times faster than in the late 1970s, and that’s pushed up the global sea level by around 14 millimeters (0.55 inches) in that time frame. Those are conclusions from a study published Jan. 14 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science by glaciologist Eric Rignot and his colleagues.

NewsMongabay – 14 Januari 2019

This Robot Is Replanting Endangered Reefs With Heat-Resistant Corals


The climate is changing faster than many species can adapt, so scientists are trying to speed up evolution by fostering the spread of creatures who can take the heat. Think of it as natural section with a little boost from humans—or, in some cases, robots. To that end, Australian scientists Peter Harrison and Matthew Dunbabin recently teamed up for a world-first field experiment.

EcoBusiness – 14 Januari 2019

With Its $3.85b Mine Takeover, Indonesia Inherits A $13b Pollution Problem


When the Indonesian government took a controlling stake in the operator of one of the world’s richest gold mines at the end of 2018, proponents hailed the move as a historic step toward national and economic resource sovereignty. The breathless media coverage of the transaction, which saw the government take a 51 percent stake in PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI),

NewsMongabay – 14 Januari 2019


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Restorasi Lahan Gambut

Pemerintah sudah menetapkan rencana merestorasi 600.000 hektar lahan gambut di empat kabupaten sepanjang 2016, namun pengamat meragukan kemampuan pemerintah mewujudkannya.

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